A new version of webclinic.eu is coming up
Terasoft started an online Electronic Medical Record software development called Web Clinic
Alpha version of Optical Character Recognition program TeraOCR
New site for Ecumenical Hellenism

  • Professional Clinic
    Professional Clinic

    Professional clinic is one of the most advanced medical management systems available worldwide and 1st in Greece. It provides a comprehensive package of features designed to help medical practices of all sizes to succeed. From a powerful appointment scheduler to immunization tracking, every aspect of your practice's operation is handled fast and easily under one program with one coordinated look and feel.

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  • DataTools

    DataTools is a simple yet powerful utility to manage your MySQL databases.
    You can connect to any MySQL database across your local network as well as on the Internet.

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  • Friktoria

    Friktoria is a tool that helps to organize big collections in institutions as libraries, museums, schools. Its main advantage is that you don't need to be a professional in databases in order to get started deploying your own database, adjusted for the specific needs of your organization.

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  • Captoria
    Captoria No description available.
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  • Pleiades

    Pleiades is a product of narrow collaboration between professional
    librarians and computer scientist specialised in information retrieval systems.

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  • Universal backup
    Universal backup

    Universal backup is a robust and powerful tool to take scheduled and manual backups of your files and MySQL databases. It is very easy to use and is suitable for any environment where safety of digital information is a priority.

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