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Universal backup

Universal backup is a robust and powerful tool which enables you to take both scheduled and manual backups of your files and MySQL databases.

It is very easy to use and is suitable for any environment where safety of digital information is a priority. This is a 2 in 1 tool. It backups with ease any MySQL database across the network (or even the internet) where you can have direct access to a MySQL server. Additionaly, you can specify the location where you keep your physical files associated with the selected MySQL database, and back them up together, in a single project.

Current version 1.0 (18 March 2008)

First release


  • manual backup of one project as well as backup of all projects;
  • scheduled backup with Windows scheduler. Run UniversalBackup.exe -backup to backup all the projects in the background;
  • detailed log information about the backup process;
MySQL backup
  • backups all database including table structure, table data, views, triggers and stored procedures;
  • ability to have each day a new backup file. This way you can keep a history of the database;
  • password storage encryption;
Directory backup
  • backups all the files from a specific directory;
  • option to skip existing file, overwrite them or overwrite older files;

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