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Terasoft  Services

Terasoft offers a variety of services, required for the complete support of our customers.
  • Digitization


    The cheap and fast spreading of the information through technology is done today by digitization means.
    Having specialized equipment and personnel, our company offers every type of digitization service, from ancient manuscripts, rare books, museum artifacts to contemporary company archives.
    The procedure of digitization is done in very competitive prices, assuring the preservation of the material as well as its content.

  • Technical Support

    Technical Support

    Terasoft Ltd offers a portfolio of Technical Support Services to ensure that your computer equipment operates efficiently, remains highly available, and benefits from the most up-to-date system software.
    Our technicians are experts with LAN and WAN technologies and are focused to provide quality desktop, server and network support for every business or home customer.
    We offer a range of different support solutions to suit most business and home customers.
    These support solutions range from telephone help to network and server upgrades. Terasoft’s technicians can handle a wide variety of operating systems including Microsoft Windows Server and XP family, Linux and most UNIX variations.

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