A new version of webclinic.eu is coming up
Terasoft started an online Electronic Medical Record software development called Web Clinic
Alpha version of Optical Character Recognition program TeraOCR
New site for Ecumenical Hellenism

Terasoft  Downloads

  • DataTools (Downloaded 6382 times)

    DataTools is a simple but powerful utility to manage your MySQL databases.

  • Duplicate File Finder (Downloaded 151 times)
    Duplicate File Finder

    Duplicate File Finder is a program aimed at finding identical file s from different directories of your computer. It also operates with these files, giving the possibility to delete them or save in any other directory from your computer. This program is simple to use and regards no special learning.

  • Portable Agenda (Downloaded 380 times)
    Portable Agenda

    This program is really portable, no installation you just copy it on a directory of your flash. It keeps all the data on a text file that can be read even by notepad, also it can store then in CSV Microsoft XL format.

  • Solitera (Downloaded 987 times)

    This is a nice PC version of the famous solitaire peg-jumping board game.

    The object of the game is to be left with as few balls as possible. If you leave a single ball in the middle, you are a “Genius”. Leave one in any position, you are “Brilliant”. Leave two and you are “Smart”. Leave three or more and you should just “Try Again”. Solitaire is fun to play and extremely addictive.

  • Universal backup (Downloaded 532 times)
    Universal backup

    Universal backup is a robust and powerful tool to take scheduled and manual backups of your files and MySQL databases. It is very easy to use and it is suitable for any environment where safety of digital information is a priority.

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