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Terasoft started an online Electronic Medical Record software development called Web Clinic
Alpha version of Optical Character Recognition program TeraOCR
New site for Ecumenical Hellenism

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Terasoft Ltd is an information technology company based in Greece. As an IT company, Terasoft provides a wide range of web solutions and has developed business relationship with companies in Greece and abroad, mostly in the Balkans.

Terasoft, through the years of its presence in the IT market, has proved that is able to provide a wide range of web solutions that can meet the needs and exceed the expectations of the most demanding client.

Cooperation with Terasoft provides great benefits to any company that is seeking inspirational, well designed, and logical cost web solutions.

Creation of a Website is not something simple. It represents a unique web identification for every company accessible by anyone on the planet. It is like opening the door to its property and invite visitors from all over the world, and giving anyone the opportunity to have a look, to get to know you and your products or your services.

So it is crucial your “web home” to be efficiently designed, easy to navigate, well organized. It must clearly reflect the profile of any business, values and products.

World wide web offers a perfectly easy way for Clients to discover a company or services that they need, no matter where it is located, and also for any Company to find potential clients.

If you have never had any experience of an online presence of your company, or if you started the wrong way, with a non efficient web page, do not hesitate to reconsider about it and get the right decision.

For any company Time is Money. Apply now for a web site designed by Terasoft, and get a wide range of benefits.

Even if you have an old site that needs to be improved or redesigned with new features or totally reconstructed, Terasoft can provide you all you need in the shortest time.

Apply now and get the benefits we provide you:

If you want a new site:

  • Unique Site web design, from expert web designers (multiple approaches)
  • Full web site development
  • Content Management System ‹‹ Learn more ››
  • Free domain for a year ‹‹ Learn more ››
  • Free web hosting, on our server, for a year
  • Free technical support for a period of 6 months and logical cost after ‹‹ Learn more ››
  • Free provide of Web site statistics and analytics (monthly reports will be sent to your email)
If you already have a site and you need redesign:
  • Suggestion of site improvements by our experts
  • Full redesign according to latest trends
  • New features suitable to the kind of your company and the market you are aiming at.
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