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Terasoft  F.A.Q.  Clinic Assistant

Clinic Assistant

  • I have my patient's information on paper how will I insert them in the program?
    Terasoft has the ability to insert your data through our data entry department in very competitive prices. In some cases, in the past, where doctors hand writting was difficult to read, we were scanning the information and we were inserting the patient as an image as well.

  • I am using an other program for a long time, is it possilbe to transfer my data?
    Till today we have transferred with 100% success all the data of other applications we have encountered, of course, there is always the possibility that the transfer will not be possible, yet this possibility is trivial.

  • Can the program operate from an external hard disk?
    The program can be installed to any external storage device, with the condition that there is enough available stoarage space, and that a proper installation has been made. This external device will operate only on computers that are licensed for this software.Note:All external storage devices offer a slower speed
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