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DataTools is a simple but powerful utility to manage your MySQL databases.
You can connect to any MySQL database across you local network as well as on the Internet.

Main features:

  • Create databases from a nice user interface
  • Backup and restore your entire MySQL database (as well as individual tables) with one mouse click
  • Execute large scripts
  • Analyze your data
  • Execute custom queries
  • Change column values automatically (this is very useful when you have millions of records and you cannot execute one UPDATE statement)
  • Full Unicode support
  • And many others ...

User Reviews:

  • 1. ( 24 July 2008 )
  • 2. ( 6 February 2009 )Normally, I use TOAD, an excellent freeware program, to manage my MySQL database. But there is one thing TOAD cannot do: copy and move MySQL database, create or import dump files. That is where DataTools comes in. The program does some more than that, but not a lot more. But it is a solution to the one problem I had: copy, move and backup databases without resorting to an intricate combination of MySQL commond line tools and FTP to transfer the dump file. This just works, great job guys/gals!
  • 3. ( 2 July 2010 ) Great product and does exactly what it says on the tin! Why pay big bucks for software when this does it all for free?
  • 4. ( 7 February 2011 )
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