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Portable Agenda

This program is really portable, no installation you just copy it on a directory of your flash. It keeps all the data on a text file that can be read even by notepad, also it can store then in CSV Microsoft XL format. You may keep all your contacts and the to do’s, also you may keep the name days of your contacts besides the birthdays ( of course this is for the people who celebrate their name days) The program has a simple and powerful search mechanism that guarantees to find all information that you want very easily, any feed back from you will be gladly implementet ( within logic ofcourse )

User Reviews:

  • 1. ( 18 December 2009 ) This a really simple and convinient application. I have tried it personaly and I think it\'s perfect.
  • 2. ( 20 January 2010 ) In the next version I would like to be able to print the contact information or to email it
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